Resurrection Eggs and the World's Largest Easter Egg Hunt

( [email protected] ) Apr 05, 2004 06:51 PM EDT

Some 1 million children are expected to learn about the true meaning of Easter through the FamilyLIfe’s “World’s Largest Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt” on Saturday, April 10.

“In backyards all across the United States children will come to know that Easter is more than chocolate and bunnies. It’s the day that Christ carried forth His plan for their salvation,” said Margie Clark, marketing director for FamilyLife Publishing.

FamilyLife released their new product, “resurrection eggs” to go with the project. Each “RE” pack contains a dozen plastic eggs filled will objects that convey aspects of the resurrection story. In the suggested egg hunt plan, the Easter story is told by the host through an easy-to understand booklet and 12 object lessons in the Resurrection Eggs.

Children will see and touch small symbols of the Easter story, including the representations of the cup of the Last Supper or of the linen in which Christ’s body was wrapped. The anticipation will build up until the last egg is opened – only to find that it is empty as was Christ’s tomb.

Through this experience, the children will learn that only Christ could overcome death and give eternal life.

“The integration of celebration and the sacred is a great way to reach neighborhood children and their parents,” Clark said. “FamilyLife wants to provide their constituents with a fun and simple way to explain the significance of Easter.”

Resurrection Eggs can be found in thousands of Christian Stores around the nation, as well as in Walmart. Egg hunt hosts can also register and order the items by calling 1-800-FL-TODAY (358-6329). For more information, please visit: