Sent International Seeks People and Resources to Help Evangelistic Mission

Nov 20, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Sent International – an evangelical mission organization seeks to recruit people for their mission. Frank Severn, founder of Sent International says his organization is growing, but not fast enough. "When I look at the list of needs we may have over 120 positions that we would like to fill. And, we've seen this last year 35-40 people come. We have a lot of opportunity for people who are willing to teach English as a second language, for evangelists and church planters, theological education, Christian education, business manger, pilots, school teachers." Funding has also been in short supply. Severn tells us just one area that's suffered. "We help 14 Ukrainian Bible Institutes, which are in every major state of Ukraine and we haven't had funding to keep those things going. And, to me, with the growth of the church in Ukraine, that's a critical area."

By Pauline J.