Inspection Called for Illegal out-of-state Gay "Marriage"

Governor Romney may see injunctions against defiant clerks and nullify illegal licenses
( [email protected] ) May 19, 2004 08:53 AM EDT

Following the rampant issuance of illegal “marriage” licenses to out-of-Massachusetts gay couples, the governor Mitt Romney called for an extensive inspection of the applications from four county clerks, May 19, 2004. While there are several options to halt or void the issued licenses, Romney did not comment on which route to take.

Prior to the legalization of “gay” marriage in Massachusetts, the governor released a statement referring to a 1913 law that prohibits any one state from imposing their beliefs on another.

"Same-sex marriage is not legally permissable in any state in the nation except Massachusetts. We've contacted every governor and every attorney general in the country and asked them to tell us if we are wrong in our view. Not one of them has indicated that gay marriage is legal in their state," said Shawn Feddeman, spokesperson for Romney.

However, even before the May 17 “day of infamy” began, several county clerks from Somerville, Provincetown, Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts have openly announced that they would defy the law.

"Those of you from out of state, welcome to Somerville. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you fill out this application you will be given a license to marry," said the defiant Mayor Joseph Curtatone of Somerville.

Romney will have several options to reprimand the clerks and halt the illegal actions: they could go to court seeking an injunction against the applicants; they could reject the applications before a mandatory three-day waiting period is completed; and they could nullify the licenses.

While Romney did not comment on which course of action to take, he is reportedly leaning toward seeking injunctions against the rebellious clerks.

Meanwhile, out-of-state homosexuals and pro-homosexual lobbyists have openly announced that they would file suit against their own states in order to get recognition for the illegally garnered “marriage” licenses.

Christian and pro-family groups have therefore placed an urgent call among the American people to take the issue to heart, and speak out to protect traditional marriage.

"Despite what is happening in Massachusetts, there is no question that this issue is in the hands of the American people,” said Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

"Unless…people of faith want to see a judicially decreed, same-sex 'marriage' hegemony imposed on the entire country, they must translate their outrage, conviction and concern into phone calls to their senators, congressmen and the president," Land said. "Unless Washington feels the heat from a groundswell of protest, they won't see the light, and marriage as we have known it in America will be further imperiled. Same-sex 'marriage' shatters the definition of marriage rather than merely expanding it," as some claim, he said.

The ERLC, among many other Christian entities, have jointly formed a coatition entitled “The Marriage Amendment Project” to push for the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Project members include the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, the North American Mission Board, American Family Association, Christian Coalition, Coral Ridge Ministries, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, Liberty University, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, National Association of Evangelicals, Christian Legal Society, Exodus International, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Religious Broadcasters and the Wilberforce Forum of Prison Fellowship.

Similar efforts must be done at the grassroots level from those who care for the sanctity of marriage, said Land.

"I used to think the church was sleeping and that someday something big would happen, and we would all wake up and say, 'Stop it now!'" Land said in a commentary for Baptist Press. "I still hope it will happen, but the hour is very late and the crisis is great."