iVoteValues ‘Mobile Voter Registration Rig’ Continues Tour

( [email protected] ) Aug 05, 2004 09:38 PM EDT

The Southern Baptist Convention’s voter registration campaign iVoteValues.com said its “Mobile Voter Registration Rig” has successfully drawn Christians to visit and register. The 18-wheel tractor trailer, painted in a “striking red, white and blue motif” carries resources to aid voters to understand the importance of letting their voice be heard and letting faiths and values determine the choices made during Election Day.

According to the SBC’s newletter Baptist Press, the “iVoteValues.com rig is busy spreading the message” and is “designed to give visitors an interactive experience as they walk through it. Seven computer stations allow guests to begin the voter registration process and to be introduced to values-based voting.”

To date, the iVoteValues rig stopped by Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia. By the November elections, the Rig will further visit Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, Colorado, Oregon, California and New Mexico.

For more information on the iVoteValues.com truck tour, visit www.ivotevalues.com or call 1-800-475-9127.