CBF Youth: Turning the Sept 11 Destruction into Construction

''Our idea was to try and do something constructive on a day that is remembered as destructive. We want to promote world peace, by spreading God's love in our own community''
( [email protected] ) Sep 04, 2004 04:04 PM EDT

The youth of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) will commemorate the destructive day of September 11 with “constructive works,” the CBF stated on September 3, 2004. Under the young leaders network, Current, CBF youth of all ages will serve through Habitat for Humanity, collect items for food pantries

“Our idea was to try and do something constructive on a day that is remembered as destructive,” said mission project coordinator Carol McEntyre of Augusta, Ga.

Daylong events have been planned and organized in 11 states, alongside services and prayer meetings across the nation.

“We want to promote world peace, by spreading God's love in our own community,” McEntyre said.

The following is the list of projects in the participating states, as listed by the CBF:

· Alabama participants will work with Greater Birmingham Habitat for Humanity. For more information, contact Allan Burton at (205) 595-9692 or [email protected]

· In Florida, about 20-30 people are expected to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity’s thrift store in Orlando. For more information, contact John Uldrick at (407) 843-0140 or [email protected]

· Georgia will do community outreach and neighborhood beautification projects at inner city Atlanta’s Stewart Center. For more information, contact LeAnn Gunter at (404) 634-2463 or [email protected]

· Kentucky will have “Pack a Pantry” day. Churches, individuals, Sunday school classes and youth groups are collecting nonperishable items to help food pantries around the state, particularly Owsley County emergency services. The ministry in Owsley County is part of Partners in Hope, the Fellowship’s rural poverty initiative. For more information, contact Anita Roper at (502) 896-4425 or [email protected]

· In Mississippi, volunteers will distribute clothing and books at Harvest Fellowship in Greenville. For more information, contact Steve Street at (601) 991-3223 or [email protected]

· In Missouri, up to 15 churches will serve across the state in projects ranging from honoring emergency first responders to working with Iraqi Americans. For more information, contact Richard Caldwell at (816) 525-0700 or [email protected]

· In North Carolina, about 40 people will work on three houses with Habitat for Humanity in Chatham County. For more information, contact Tyler Gillespie at (469) 688-0828 or [email protected]

· South Carolina has three projects. Participants in Charleston will work with Habitat for Humanity, Greenville will do landscaping for Samaritan’s House and Rock Hill will paint an elderly woman’s house. For more information, contact Christy McMillin-Goodwin at (803) 328-3864 or [email protected]

· Tennessee events include a car wash to benefit Appalachian Outreach and a Habitat for Humanity project by First Baptist Church in Knoxville. For more information, contact Tammy Abee Blom at (888) 661-8223 or [email protected]

· In Texas, Waco’s Lakeshore Baptist Church will do 11 mission projects in the Waco area. Projects include cleaning houses with Mission Waco and construction with Habitat for Humanity. Service coordinator Rachel Sciretti expects 11 people to participate at each site. Sciretti can be reached at (254) 772-2910 or [email protected]

· In Virginia, participants will do construction and children’s activities at Richmond’s Synergeo, a nonprofit organization that connects students with struggling communities. For more information, contact Rob or Christa Fox at (804) 204-1208 or [email protected]