BWA Calls for Prayers, Mourning and Donations for Beslan Victims

The Baptist World Alliance called on its member churches to donate to the ‘Beslan Appeal’ to care for the physical and psychological needs of the surviving children and families
( [email protected] ) Sep 07, 2004 08:29 PM EDT

The Baptist World Alliance called on its international members to mourn and pray alongside the victims of the Beslan slaughter that claimed the lives of over 330 innocent civilians last week. According to the BWA, one of its member pastors lost three of five children to the terrorist attack, and many other Baptists are awaiting news of family members.

“The tragedy of the hostage crisis in Beslan, Ossetia hit home to Baptists with the Baptist pastor of the church losing three of his five children, and his brother, a church elder four

of his children!” wrote the BWA. “One of Pastor Sergei Totijev's surviving children is severely injured and the other has lost his sight. Four of elder Taimuras Totijev's children are still missing and only one is alive. Another Christian Baptist family, the Dzhioyevs, have lost one child.”

The BWA, through its relief program, gave $2,500 to help care for the physical and psychological needs of the families. The aid will be distributed through one of the BWA members in the region, Mission Vera.

According to Mission Vera Vera directors Yevgeniy and Nadia Zhigulin, the physical and psychosocial needs of the surviving children and families are monumental.

"There are a lot of families in Beslan town who have many children, but they are needy ones," reports Zhigulin. "During the days of deep grief our (Mission Vera) employees leave for Beslan for funerals of victims, providing material assistance where needed."

The BWA and Mission Very called on international Baptists to help the effort by donating to the “Beslan Appeal.” Such donations can be made online at or via phone by calling Phone: +1 703 790 8980.

“We continually pray that all of our disaster appeals and approved projects will be fully funded, and celebrate when God answers prayers. If the project to which your gift is designated has been funded, we will direct your gift to a similar need,” the BWA wrote.

Donations can also be mailed to the BWA headquarter in Washington.

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