Assessing the Damages: Hurricane Frances Alone Cost $2 Billion in Damages

( [email protected] ) Sep 08, 2004 02:25 PM EDT

With Frances being the second hurricane having battered Florida in less than a month, thousands of National Guardsmen, volunteers for the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army have been dispatched, for one of the biggest relief effort in the organizations’ histories. Meanwhile, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the United Methodist Church, the Assemblies of God and other large Christian denominations have provided food, water, shelter, shower, blankets and clean-up kits to the best of their ability. Following the assessment of damages on Sept 7, the Florida governor Jeb Bush said Frances alone caused some 2 billion worth of harm on the Floridians. The National Guardsmen were the first on-scene, dispatched on Monday, Sept 6. Following the Guards were the Salvation Army volunteers and American Red Cross workers. By Sept 7, Christian groups was settled and ready to assist the victims