Anglicans Further Women's Rights Improvements

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2004 08:37 PM EDT

The Anglican Diocese of Kumasi – a member of the 77 million member Anglican Communion - has opened its doors to women priests, following in the footsteps of most of its fellow brethren in the Anglican tradition.

The announcement, which was made on Sept 15, was part of the Kumasi Diocese’s campaign to “create more opportunities for women to raise their self-esteem for leadership positions in the church and in the society.”

In addition to the campaign, the diocese announced that it would set up appropriate structures to help the government establish educational institutions for the betterment of women.

At that end, the church called on all its leaders and constituents to “be firm in the condemnation of all forms of violence against women as well as all negative practices that subjugate them.”