Outreach in Brazil Changes Lives of New and Old Believers

Week’s worth of ministering concludes with weekend evangelistic events, 400 decisions for Christ
( [email protected] ) Aug 04, 2004 10:35 PM EDT

Thousands of Brazilians gathered in Portuguese Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil for “a weekend that would change the eternal destiny of hundreds of lives.” The weekend culminated the work of more than 300 American volunteers who had been ministering in and throughout the greater Sao Paulo area the entire week.

The hundreds of volunteers from throughout the United States partnered with the Sao Paulo Baptist Convention to present the gospel of Christ to the people of Sao Paulo for a week of outreach efforts.

After a week’s worth of outreach, the effort came to a conclusion with two evangelistic events held over the weekend in the outdoor stadium in Sao Paulo.

“The week didn't just change the lives of Brazilians, but also the lives of the Americans who partnered with them,” reported Sammy Tippit Ministries (STM), one of the groups participating in the outreach.

STM’s team of 80 persons was also joined by a team of 180 from the Louisiana Baptist Convention and 40 from the Arkansas Baptist Convention. Volunteers from Oregon, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana and numerous other regions also joined for the out reach.

On Monday morning, testimonies abounded on of how God had changed the lives of those who had come to Brazil to minister. During the final time of devotions of the team members, testimonies were shared about how God had worked in their lives.

Darlene Maroney of Cameron, Texas summed up the feelings of many of the volunteers who traveled to Brazil saying, "God has used this trip in my life, and I have a greater desire to share Christ with people back in my community."

Kathy Crane said, "God has brought me to repentance of indifference towards people in my city. They need Jesus, also." Other team members said that they wanted to take what they had experienced back to the United States.

One volunteer from Arkansas came to grips with his own commitment to Christ and said that he wanted to "give everything to Christ, no matter what it might cost him."

Although the weather had been cold and rainy during the entire week of ministry in Sao Paulo, the sun shined and warmed up the stadium for the thousands who attended the evangelistic services and as the teams left Brazil, each rejoiced over the great things that God had done.