CAN appeal for the dialogue between Federal Government and NLC in Nigeria

( [email protected] ) Nov 16, 2004 06:40 PM EST

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Bauchi State Chapter, Rev. Iliya Chiroma has appealed for continued dialogue as the only way to finding a lasting solution to the current impasse between the Federal Government and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) over the unending increase in the prices of petroleum products in the country.

The CAN chairman appealed to the government and the organized labour to ensure that they compromise on contentious issues, and particularly implored the Federal Government to take positive and concrete measures to cushion the effects of the "biting economic situation in the country" as well as the effect of the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products.

Chiroma lamented that "the frequent strike in the country is not in the best interest of the masses, just as the incessant increase in the prices of petroleum products is killing Nigerian who are already impoverished by the Government's economic reforms. So, for peace to reign supreme in the country and avert another round of strikes, government must take concrete and visible action to cushion the devastating effects of its daily fuel increase as well as other contentious national issues bedeviling the nation."

While stressing that the NLC remained as the only organ that speaks for the masses of the country, he cautioned the government to exercise restraint in the manner it handled the current issues of the oil sector.

However, he appealed to labor to continue to seek peaceful means of handling the fuel crisis, saying that continued dialogue with the government was the only way out.

"Nigerians are at the moment passing through very difficult times, as they are experiencing a very harsh economic conditions where poverty is biting hard while hunger and want are now the order of the day," and he added "that is the more reason why the Federal Government should immediately put in place measure to alleviate the people's suffering."