Hong Kong Churches Starting Plan to Help Ministers Keep Their Positions

Hong Kong Church Renewal is starting a project named “Marc Plan” in order to better equip ministers for ministry work abroad.
( [email protected] ) Dec 29, 2004 10:21 PM EST

According to two separate Hong Kong church research reports for the years 1999 and 2004, more than 30% of ministers and church workers quit within the first two years of starting their work. Addressing this issue, the Hong Kong Church Renewal plans to start the “Marc Plan” in 2005, in order to assist new ministers and workers to adapt to serving church and people in new environments. Through this plan, HKCR also hopes to allow the young ministers to grow, let their talents be used, and lead them to a more mature life in God.

The ”Marc Plan” is designed for minister and church workers who have served from one year to three years. From March to September, participants will take a course on shepherding and serving in order to share their experiences, have time for self-reflection, and receive guidance through individual talks with senior pastors.

Reverend Wu Chi-Wai, Rev. Dr. David Chiu, Rev. Yu Wai-Kan and other senior pastors from Hong Kong, Canada and Taiwan will be leading this plan.

More results from the 2004 Hong Kong Church Research is expected to be released on Jan 21, Friday. With about 88% of all Hong churches taking part in this research, churches and church-related organizations are waiting for the results that will give them important information needed to give practical help to the development of churches in Hong Kong.