The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Update: Joint Service for Hong Kong Church Ministers

( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2005 05:32 PM EST

Jan 20th, the Hong Kong Christian council hosted a joint service for all church ministries in Hong Kong at the Saint John Baptist Anglican Church. This service is part of the series of activities in the international Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 250 ministers from fourteen member-churches of the HKCC, twelve independent churches and communities, and the Catholic church joint gathered for service.

The service was presided by the president of the Ecumenical and Church Relation Committee, Reverend Wu Ping Kit from the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, and the president of HKCC, the Most Reverend Peter Kwong Kong-kit.

Ahn Jae-Woong, the general secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia preached, "As Christians, we need to cooperate. No matter which denomination we are from, we, the Christians should 'let the church be [a] church.' Nowadays, the church has lost her power to be salt, her holiness, her comity and the life of community....We must learn from the ecumenical movement in order to win [over] these weaknesses of today's church....And the main task of the ecumenical movement, is to make the comity of church a visible reality, and to coordinate the human life of community."

He also reminded the church to "not...forget the challenge that the tsunami brought to us". Christ is challenging us to respond to this disaster in an ecumenical life, and to bring the healing to every body in the world, he said.

As for the schedule, the week of prayer will continue with a praise night scheduled for January 22nd and an "exchange forum" scheduled for January 23rd, Ecumenical Sunday.