True Love Waits Enters Hong Kong

BCHK started to launch this campaign from last November, with the hope that it will ¡°open up a bright way for believers and churches, even the whole society, in this dark era¡±
( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2005 12:05 AM EST

The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong is planning to start the True Love Waits program in all its member churches in Hong Kong this year. Since last November, the church has issued abstinence pledge cards, booklets and instructional CDs to each church, to prepare and promote this event for this year.

As of now, the True Love Waits campaign has received great success in the United States. BCHK believes that it too will also bring positive changes to the churches of Hong Kong with this campaign.

"We really believe that we can receive satisfying results from launching 'True Love' in Hong Kong." a BCHK statement said in regards to this campaign. "This program will not only be a challenge to the misguided perception of our society, but [will] also guide the youth to affirm the value of being faithful in [marriage]...and...[to show] entire loyalty true to living in a spiritual life."

In statement release recently, the Training Department of BCHK said, "Thus, we believe that this program will find favor in the eyes of God. Under the guidance of church, it will open up a bright way for believers and churches, and even the whole [of] society, in this dark era."

"True Love Sunday" is scheduled to be held Feburary 6 in every Baptist churches in Hong Kong. A starting ceremony will be held on Feb 20th. By Jul 31st, all abstinence pledge cards will be returned to the BCHK. Afterwards, the BCHK plans to hold an exhibition displaying the pledge cards.