Churches to Share Gospel in Oakland Chinatown Festivities

At the end of August, local churches will gather at the Chinatown street fest in Oakland as a way to strengthen the community by informing them of church activities.
( [email protected] ) Aug 12, 2005 12:52 PM EDT

On Aug 27-28, the Chinatown in Oakland will hold a street fest that is expected to attract thousands of people from around the bay area. Meanwhile, the nearby churches will set up booths to promote their church by sharing the gospel through pamphlets to worship.

The Chinese Independent Baptist Church (CIBC), who has over 800 members in their congregation, will work through the Cantonese Evangelism & Discipleship Ministry (EDM), the main organizers this year, and who will place their attention on Chinese immigrants that have recently moved to America.

Enrica Wong, one of the coordinators from CIBC, said that through these opportunities, they are able to inform the community about their church activities and services.

For instance, they provide tutoring for the Chinese immigrant adults and numerous fellowships for the community.

Wong, whose "first priority is to share the gospel and the love of Jesus," said that it is important to inform the public on what it means to be a Christian and living a life knowing what the bible says.

Her views are reflected by what Jesus said, which is to "share the gospel," in order for non-believers to understand and live a better life, which she has expressed is important to her as a Christian.

On the outside, these activities are beneficial to the new arrivals, however, the church is also strengthened by the unity of working together to make the festival successful.

"I understand that when I'm living in this world, there is one purpose and that is to share the gospel," she said regarding the work she does at CIBC.