This Summer, Young Chinese Christians Grow Through Serving

The summer is ending for young Chinese Christian who spent their summer experienced God's heart through short term mission trips.
( [email protected] ) Aug 25, 2005 01:16 AM EDT

The summer is a memorable time for Chinese Christian churches who hold retreats to strengthen the bonds in church, and camping trips for the family, but for Chinese Christians to strengthen their spiritual growth, short term mission trips have shown through the years to be effective in allowing Chinese Christians to gain a strong spiritual perspective on their faith.

Throughout America, Chinese Churches organize short-term mission trips for young people who want to know God on a deeper level.

At the start of August, a group of 21 people from the Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego (CECSD) traveled to Ensenada, Mexico, where they were able to take part with YWAM, youth with a mission, in building a house, performing a play, and teaching.

After the trip, Pastor Jimmy Lee, the youth pastor at CECSD, said that some who were deeply touched by the trip wanted to take a year off from college to do missions. He said, "Having a mission mind and the passion of knowing God was felt," by the youth.

While "One of the youth noted that they were able to see the heart of God, by seeing 'His love for them and His love for us.'"

Pastor Lee said that church activities are a part of a larger picture than just a ministry. For instance, through short term mission trips and other activities the church coordinates, many are able to realize that they want to know who God is and what part He plays in their lives.