Thomas Wang Calls "America, Return to God" amid Crisis of Traditional Marriage

NEW YORK- In the midst of the erosion of traditional marriage, the Chinese evangelists Rev Thomas Wang calls the slogan "America, Return to God".
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2005 09:11 PM EST

NEW YORK- In the midst of the erosion of traditional marriage, the Chinese evangelists Rev Thomas Wang calls the slogan "America, Return to God".

On Dec. 11, a fundraising event was grandly held at the Flushing East Manor Restaurant, New York, for the nationwide Chinese-Church based campaign "Defend Traditional Marriage Association".

To some 400 church ministers and congregations, the background and development of the "Defend Traditional Marriage" campaign was introduced by the vice chairman, followed by keynote address by the founder Rev Thomas Wang.

Speaking on the theme "Defend Traditional Marriage System, Protect the Future of the Nation and the Next Generation," the world-renowned Chinese Christian leader sharply pointed out that America and many other western countries are becoming further away from God.

According to Wang, many western countries have adopted the homosexual marriage legislation, now it has even been accepted by some states of the United States. He warned of the fact that many Christian countries in the West are leaving God step by step.

Most recently, Wang is planning to publish a book entitled "America, Return to God!", which calls for the repentance of America. 500,000 copies will be printed and sent to all states in America as well all department leaders in the government.

The book includes four big major themes, namely "America courting self-destruction", "A Godless America is a dead America", "Time is not on our side" as well as "Repent now".

"Nowadays many Americans abandoned the faith of their ancestors. They also forget that their prosperity is by the grace of God, and they changed America into a non-Christian world or even anti-Christian nation," Wang said.

Therefore, according to Wang, Chinese churches should carry their responsibility to break the silent amid the growing trend of homosexuality and pray for the nation. In the book, Wang has once described the position of Chinese churches as "21st century’s Jonah," just as the city of Nineveh will perish without the call for repentance of Jonah, Chinese churches must raise their voices.

Acknowledging that many people may misunderstand consider the campaign launched by the Chinese churches as something political, Wang clarified, "Mosses was called by God to speak to Pharaoh to free the Israelites from Egypt. Today we also take the protest to the political leaders, in the name of God, we have to bring the message of salvation and the word of God to them."

After the fundraising event yesterday evening, over 20 church ministers and pastors continued discussion with Wang on how to promote the "Defend Traditional Marriage" campaign in the East coast. While all leaders have actively contributed their ideas, Wang urged all churches to support the campaign financially.

[Editor’s Note: Jonathan Quan reported from New York for this article and Eunice Or from San Francisco.]