Evangelical Chinese Church Launches Purpose Driven Life Campaign for 2006

A church-wide 40 day Purpose Driven Life campaign at the Home of Christ church in Cupertino will begin on Sunday.
( [email protected] ) Jan 07, 2006 01:06 PM EST

A church-wide 40 day Purpose Driven Life campaign at the Home of Christ church in Cupertino, California, (HOC5) will begin on Sunday.

The HOC5 church, with an active congregation of 1,000 to 1,200 on average, hopes the campaign will give their members an opportunity to commit to habits of spiritual growth, memorizing scriptures, and participating in small group activities.

The spiritual campaign is based on the bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life written by Rev. Rick Warren, pastor and founder of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California that has an evangelical congregation of at least 22,000 attendees a week.

"It is a useful outreach model ministry," Pastor Chan Wong, the leading pastor for the English congregations at HOC5 said, adding that the model is useful in getting "lay people mobilized" to serve the church.

In May 2005, thirteen elders, pastors and deacons attended Saddleback Church's Purpose Driven life seminar. After several months of praying and assessing the spiritual condition and the needs of the church, they decided to push forward with the 40 day Purpose Driven campaign for both the Chinese and English congregations.

Wong said the whole church will clear their calendars that contain the usual church activities, such as fellowship meetings, to focus solely on the Purpose Driven model.

"We want to make sure everyone is on board, each generation -- the kids, the young adults, the parents, and the elders -- so that we can study the same material, and everyone is on the same page," Wong said, noting that each generation is usually separated into their own ministries.

During the meetings, the HOC5 church hopes that the campaign will change the lives of the participants, so that they can serve the church through one of their ministries, and to share their faith as they learn the "lifestyle of worship" to God.

"We are excited as we envision our entire congregation living in alignment with God's purposes for their lives, and the impact this could have on our church and our community!" HOC5 said on their website as they encouraged participants to join and pray for the campaign.

"The potential impact this could have on our lives will be increased if the soil of our hearts is prepared through prayer."

The six-week campaign will begin on Jan. 8 and end on Feb. 25.