Rev Thomas Wang Encourages Canadian Christians to Fight against Moral Chaos

VANCOUVER -A series of lectures given by Rev Thomas Wang in Canada has awakened Chinese Christians to speak up against moral chaos.
( [email protected] ) Jan 09, 2006 01:36 PM EST

VANCOUVER -A series of lectures given by Rev Thomas Wang in Canada has awakened Chinese Christians to speak up against moral chaos.

Speaking on the theme "God’s Creation and the Betrayal of Man" at the Richmond Emmanuel Church and Vancouver Logos Church on last Friday and Saturday respectively, Wang has powerfully awaken Canadian churches and believers with the word of God. He encouraged them to speak against the unrighteousness and policies that are in defiance of God’s will prevalent in the Canadian society.

Particularly, Wang pointed out the crisis of traditional marriage as Canada has approved the C-38 bill on same-sex marriage last year. In his message, he strongly condemned same-sex marriage, saying that it contradicts God’s will on creation. He warned that the sin of homosexuality could bring serious consequence.

Following the strong outcry of Chinese Christians in North America against same-sex marriage mobilized by Wang, he also suggested the Chinese churches in Canada and believers to unite together and defend traditional marriage.

Wang lamented that Chinese Christian churches have not been doing enough to influence the society over the last few decades, adding that it was a wrong concept that churches should only focus on their own affairs.

Wang shared with Canadian believers the success of the nationwide Chinese Church-based campaign "Defend One Man-One Woman Traditional Marriage" in San Francisco. A total of 7,000 believers have joined the rally and were received by the mayor of San Francisco. They urged the mayor for repentance for homosexuality is a sin.

For the Canadian believers, Wang listed eight key reminders at this critical moment before the Jan. 23 federal election. First of all, everyone should take part in the poll, and then they should encourage their family members to vote as well. Third is to mobilize at least 10 friends or relatives to cast vote while fourth is to visit at least five churches to tell them the importance of the poll. For those who cannot afford the time to vote on Jan. 23, they should cast the vote in advance. Voters are encouraged to read information regarding the poll on the internet. Also, believers must help the senior citizens to take part in the poll. The last but not the least, it is to pray for Canada, for churches and for missionaries.

The participants have all faithfully responded with "Amen." The lecture is concluded when they prayed in groups of two for a party that supports traditional marriage to be elected.

Organized by the Mennonite Brethren Churches Chinese Alliance, the three-night lecture was entitled "Guarding the Nation, As Salt and Light." The first two nights have already attracted around 625 Chinese Christians. The last lecture was held at the Port Moody Pacific Grace MB Church on Sunday.

"Through this event, we aim to awaken the sprits of Christians in Canada, allowing them to understand their roles as the salt and the light of the world," said Rev Kwok, the chairman of Mennonite Brethren Churches Chinese Alliance prior to the event.

"Rev Thomas Wang has been leading the campaign to defend traditional marriage among Chinese community in North America. Even though the legislation in Canada and the United States are different, we hope that the spirit of Rev Wang’s campaign can also be ignited like the fire in Canada."

The lectures were all conducted in English by Rev Thomas Wang with Cantonese simultaneous translation.

[Editor’s Note: Carol U reported from Vancouver for this article and Eunice Or from San Francisco.]