‘Soul in the City’ Prompts New Levels of Church Cooperation in UK

Churches in the U.K. report increased church partnership following last week’s ‘Soul in the City’ Outreach
( [email protected] ) Aug 13, 2004 03:11 PM EDT

Involvement in a London-wide mission last week produced increased church partnership for a United Reformed Church (URC) in east London, reported the Council for World Missions.

Plaistow Church in Newham, UK has long worked with other churches in a scheme called Transform Newham, which includes prayer for the area. But the organization of events for the Soul in the City mission from July 26 to August 6 meant they had to rely on one another.

“It has helped with the partnership because you see people from other churches at prayer meetings and so on,” said Rev. Jayne Bazeley. “But with the mission you see each other night after night at meetings and have to depend on each other. That’s been the difference.”

Newham was one of the five URC churches in London to get involved in Soul in the City, a mission organized by Watford-based Soul Survivor church. Endorsed by leading public figures, including Prime Minister Tony Blair, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, and the Chief Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks, the mission drew around 15,000 young people from across the UK to work alongside London churches running social projects and evening entertainment events that included explanations of Christianity.

Youth from as far away as Australia, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Norway and The Netherlands took part in numerous programs throughout the UK, such as community projects, sports initiatives, concerts and other community events across Greater London.