Wang: Christians Must Wake Up to Confront Homosexual Movement

HONG KONG- Rev. Thomas Wang sent a wake-up call to all Christians worldwide, urging them to realize the increasing threat of homosexual movement and to speak up for the truth.
( [email protected] ) Mar 27, 2006 06:41 PM EST

HONG KONG- Rev. Thomas Wang sent a wake-up call to all Christians worldwide, urging them to realize the increasing threat of homosexual movement and to speak up for the truth.

During a special forum on the controversial gay-themed movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ organized by the largest Hong Kong-based Christian media group the Media Evangelism Limited at the Royal Plaza Hotel Sunday, Wang warned the Christian media, Christians and churches of committing the sin of being silent in face of the declining morality.

"It’s time to wake up, we’re sleeping too long!" Wang spoke in both English and Chinese as he made the alarming call.

Wang described in details how rapid the homosexual movement is advancing in Europe and in the U.S. In Europe, there are already five to six countries- Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium- that have accepted same-sex marriages. Last July, Canada also legalized same-sex marriages. Wang is concerned that the U.S. will become the next one.

"The aim of homosexual movement is to change the lifestyle of the society, therefore it is a revolution of lifestyle. They want to change all people but not just to get themselves being accepted," said Wang, adding that the homosexuals have already started it 40 years ago.

Following the legalization of same-sex marriages, the homosexuals are going to further pursue legalization of male and female prostitution, lowering the age of consent for sexual intercourse or even abolishing the age limit, Wang predicted.

"Completely they have rejected God, rejected His creation, and rejected the form of marriage that He intends. They have rewritten all the textbooks, and taught the kids about homosexuality since kindergarten, this is very scary," said Wang.

Wang lamented that most of the churches today have not realized the crisis. "Churches, including myself, are so ignorant. Homosexuals have started their movements since the 1960’s with a long-term plan and strategy. They were supported by talented, scholars, lawyers and the mass media. Even many people offer them funding. Under this situation, churches are sleeping and dreaming. We have all fallen asleep," Wang confessed.

Wang was regretted that the churches have been too ignorant and have emphasized too much on love and patience, as a result, the homosexuals have invaded most of the world. Mass media, universities, professors, campuses and the well-educated ones are all standing on their side.

"Originally, the world should follow the church, the church should influence the world; but now it is that the world influences the church, and the church follows after the evilness," Wang pointed out sharply.

"Church leaders, we have to be awake. We are the light and the salt on the altar and in the church, but we have tried to hide ourselves from the real spiritual battle. We don’t dare to speak up, we laid back, we compromised, and we closed ourselves, trying to avoid problems and running away from the truth," Wang exhorted, as one of the most influential Christian evangelical leaders of the world.

"Everyone, no matter you are missionaries, church leaders, pastors, believers, theologians and others, we have been sleeping for too long. It’s time to wake up!" Wang reiterated.

As Wang introduced his new book "America, Return to God," which aims to prompt Americans return to their Christian roots, he urged Hong Kong churches to also preach boldly the word of God.

"Just as Apostle Paul, churches today need to learn to go out and preach boldly, despite of the cost and sufferings. They must learn from Martin Luther who said, ‘Here I stand… God helps me.’ This is the attitude that we should have: we receive God’s help and grace in all circumstances," Wang added, warning that churches must wake up before it is too late.