'America, Return to God' Draws Controversy

SAN FRANSICO- After 450,000 copies of 'America, Return to God' were sent out to American leaders of all levels and all professions, responses have started coming in.
( [email protected] ) May 14, 2006 08:11 PM EDT

SAN FRANSICO- After 450,000 copies of "America, Return to God" were sent out to American leaders of all levels and all professions, responses have started coming in.

The publication of the book is part of the "America, Return to God" (ARTG) Movement spearheaded by the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) of the leading Chinese evangelical Rev. Thomas Wang. The book aims to re-emphasize that America was built by God as a Christian nation through Christian people, but now it is becoming not only non-Christian and even anti-Christian. Therefore, churches and individual Christians must be awaken and speak up to change the tide.

"Now we have received many readers’ responses by incoming phone calls. They all come from different countries. Our coworkers have been busy in tackling these phone calls," said Rev. Thomas Wang to the Gospel Herald over the phone interview Saturday.

Wang explained that there are basically three kinds of responses. One group of people, actually they also represent the majority, agree totally with the idea of the book. Wang said, "They can also feel that the United States has become far away from God, so they must return to God. They ask us to send them more books as well. The largest number of books ordered by a church is 3,000 and the church wants to have one book for each pastor."

On the other hand, the prophetic and strong argument of the book has sparked controversy. According to Wang, someone complained to GCCI that it should never send such kind of book. Some people even yelled at the phone, charging GCCI for forcing others to follow its belief, lifting up itself and looking down on others.

One of the high-profile American intellectuals has even sent out request on the internet, persuading the negative side to order the book in large quantities in order to exhaust the supply.

"We ask for the mercy of God on these people. The most important apostle Paul in the Bible was also once the persecutor of the Church of Jesus Christ and oppose its movement. However, after he was touched by the Lord, he became a very helpful servant," Wang responded.

"We pray that God will have grace and mercy on the people opposing the book. I wish that they will be one day touched by God and become the ones who love the Lord deeply."

GCCI emphasized that ARTG movement is indeed a great spiritual battle and therefore requested for prayers. The followings are the prayer topics released on the GCCI website on May 11:

1. Pray that God will hinder all schemes from the Adversary.

2. Pray that God will soften people's hearts that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

3. Pray for GCCI co-workers that they have the wisdom to handle all incoming calls and emails.

4. May God use every book to remind America of her Christian origin and understand her present situation.

[Editor's Note: Christina Song contributed reporting for this article.]