'America, Return to God' Nationwide Prayer Rally Starts on Sept. 2

SAN FRNACISCO- 'America, Return to God' Movement spearheaded by the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) is pushed to its climax while the nationwide prayer rally will kick-off on this Satur
( [email protected] ) Aug 31, 2006 06:12 PM EDT

SAN FRNACISCO- "America, Return to God" Movement spearheaded by the Great Commission Center International (GCCI) is pushed to its climax while the nationwide prayer rally will kick-off on this Saturday.

Featuring 28 highly selected articles by leading Christian figures, such as James Dobson, Ravi Zacharias, Jim Nelson Black, Francis Schaeffer, Carl F. H. Henry and others, a 128-pages book "America, Return to God" was published in early May in an attempt to wake up all Christians and encourage them to take up the responsibility to change the fallen society.

The distribution of 500,000 copies of the book so far has stirred up prayer burden among many people for the destiny of this great beloved nation. Thus, a nationwide prayer rally for the spiritual renewal of America is being organized, covering a total of nine major cities - Dallas, Arlington, Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York- across the U.S. The theme is set to be "Repentance, Revival, Restoration".

The first prayer meeting will be held in Dallas on this Saturday Sept. 2. GCCI and its supporters such as Dr. Bill Tam are urging Chinese Christians and churches to participate actively. A list of five major prayer topics is also published today for reference:

1. Pray for personal repentance (Neh 1:5-9)

2. Pray for God’s healing of the land ( II Chr 7:14)

3. Pray for leaders in the government (Tim 2:1-2)

4. Pray for the moral value of the society (Deu 11:26-28)

5. Pray for the spiritual health of the churches (Mat 5:13-16)

During a meeting with the church and Christian organization ministers in Los Angeles in June, the founder and chairman of GCCI Rev. Thomas Wang announced the prayer rally. Wang expressed great passion to invite American churches of all denominations and ethnic groups to join the Chinese churches in prayers, adding that it is the prayer campaign for "the revival of churches in America" and the participation of all brothers and sisters is therefore very crucial.

On June 10, at the America Chinese Evangelical Seminary (ACES) in Sunnyvale, Calif., where Wang was invited as a speaker for the second pro-family conference in San Francisco Bay Area, Wang exhorted Chinese church leaders as saying, "We will see America coming back to God and a god-fearing nation and continue to be used by god to serve the whole world. We would like to see the Chinese churches and American churches to participate together. We have no time to lose. We choose September to coincide with 9/11 incident, because it will remind us a sense of urgency.

"If America doesn’t repent, there is no hope. No matter how rich she is, how much power she has, it doesn’t help. If God is kicked out of the court and the public, there is no hope. America has to repent, the repentance has to begin from God’s church and the household of God."

For San Francisco Bay Area, one Chinese-speaking and one English-speaking prayer meeting will be held on Sept. 10 and Sept. 16 respectively. Peter Henderson, Director of Public Policy from California Family Council and Rev. Timothy Tzeng, former director of the Asian American Center are the key leadership for the English-speaking one.

For the detailed schedule of the nationwide prayer rally, please visit the website http://www.gccciusa.org .