D.O.C Returns With New Album

( [email protected] ) Mar 29, 2004 07:00 PM EST

Hey folks, what group occurs to your mind first when you think of Christian rap?

Too many to name? Then how about rap + funk? As in “Righteous Funk”?

Yep, you got it! It’s Christian rap group, D.O.C (Disciples of Christ). And on April, they’re returning with their new album: The Antidote, on their WeAreOne/ Throne Room label.

"We've really been able to express who we are in these last couple years, particularly on this Righteous Funk album. Of course, as Christians, we are the righteousness of Christ. Secondly, that's funk," D.O.C’s representative, Alton Hood, had said in the past.

Besides Hood, D.O.C includes Kelvin Harvey, Michael Brown, and Matt Stevens. They were one of the first Christian Rap groups on a major Christian label in the early 90’s. Releasing three albums on the StarSong label, they earned Grammy and Dove award recognition.

"We're not a rap group. We're a vocal hip hop R&B band. What we want to do is let people know Disciples of Christ's ministry is a full-fledged ministry. Now this is the time of the g-funk era, so you have a bit of the singing with the rap. Whatever is happening and whatever we feel can best get the message across," says Hood.

"We believe that our life is a ministry," he continues. "We are men of God first and musicians second."

D.O.C sure has their priorities set right!

We pray that they continuously go on with this firm conviction in their commissions, and also so that their music can inspire many people to come closer into the arms of God.