One Flame 2004 Team Gains Victory Through Unity

( [email protected] ) Sep 02, 2004 09:42 PM EDT

During the Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens, Greece, the One Flame 2004 team spent ten days ministering this spiritually needy city.

The One Flame 2004 team is a collaboration of members from the Church of God of Prophecy and the Church of God. This was the first united youth mission team between the two churches. The united team form a compelling evangelistic force that significantly impacted the city of Athens for Christ

The One Flame 2004 team was involved in literature evangelism, witnessing, ministering in church gatherings and service. Their efforts made a difference in Greece.

One Flame leader Patrick Ballington from the Lawrenceville, Georgia, Church of God stated: "The denominational barriers we each brought to the team were quickly overcome. The unity we experienced was more than symbolic cooperation; it was genuine affection and sincere desire to help each other succeed."

During their time in Athens, the One Flame team visited both the Church of God and the Church of God of Prophecy congregations and ministered in their local church services.

Every team member emphasized that they believed the partnership between two churches. "I have been part of numerous ministry teams over the past eight years, and I have never been on a team that worked as well together as this one. I thought that as a first effort for joint mission teams, this trip was spectacular," a team member reflected.