'Duck Dynasty’s Jessica Robertson Aspires to Start Modest Children’s Clothing Line

( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2014 02:36 PM EDT
Jessica and Jep Robertson of Duck Dynasty

A&E's reality television star Jessica Robertson told VH-1 that she would love to create a children's line of clothing in a recent interview. Though the "Duck Dynasty" wife and mother of four has not announced any official plans to start a line, she loves to sew and has sold children's items to local boutiques in the past.

Jep and Jessica Robertson were married in their early twenties, and were barely making ends meet at the time. Perhaps because the young couple became pregnant soon afterward, Jessica took up sewing. She and Jep now have three daughters and a little boy, and Jessica says she has become a rather skilled seamstress. She loves to sew, and has sold bedding, quilts, and baby clothing to boutiques in Monroe.

When asked about the trend for girls' children's clothing to show a little skin, Jessica said she was not a fan - "Even when my girls wear skirts I put little shorts on underneath," she told VH-1's Rob Shuter. If she were to create her own line, it would likely be more modest - "I'm a modest person - that doesn't mean I don't like trendy things, I just know I want to cover up."

Jessica would not be the first in the Robertson family to venture into the fashion industry - her sister-in-law Missy Robertson just launched her new fashion line with Southern Fashion House, and Korie and Rebecca Robertson hosted the grand opening for their boutique, Duck & Dressing, in December. Sadie Robertson also worked with Sherri Hill to design the "Sadie Robertson Live Original" line of prom dresses. Thankfully, the Robertson women's fashion sense combines their Christian values of modesty with style.