Nexus 8 Release Date Update: Leaked Photos and Rumored Specs

( [email protected] ) Jun 13, 2014 10:53 AM EDT
Nexus 8 Rumors
(Photo: Reuters)

Leaked photos from China allegedly reveal the appearance of Google's Nexus 8 tablet, ahead of the upcoming Google I/O 2014 conference scheduled for this year.

Two images of the fabled Google tablet surfaced Thursday on Chinese-language site My Drivers, which placed the label "100% true" on each of the photos. Even so, voices of skepticism have begun arising from within the rumor mill itself.

Trusted Reviews said that the leaks should be "taken with a considerable pinch of salt." BGR, a site specializing in mobile device leaks, pointed out that My Drivers has made many inaccurate predictions in the past.

Besides releasing photos, My Drivers speculated that the fabled tablet will be powered by a 64-bit processor and 3GB of RAM, and will come installed with the rumored Android 4.5 operation system. This information is consistent with what is generally agreed within other tech-gossip circles.

The Nexus 8 is said to be the replacement of the current-generation Nexus 7 tablet,though Google has not admitted to developing such a device. Even so, this has not stopped the rumor mill from fueling speculation.  

Last month, mobile service provider HTC released a tweet showcasing a mystery device, which had Nexus fans guessing that it was the Nexus 8. Since then, HTC has not given additional information that can identify the device in question.

It has also been rumored that the Nexus 8 will make its first appearance at the upcoming Google I/O conference. If this information is correct, a release date may be announced in the coming months.

Google I/O 2014 is scheduled to be held in San Francisco, CA, on June 25-26.