Linsanity Trade Update: Jeremy Lin Headed to Lakers, Rockets Get Ready for Chris Bosh

( [email protected] ) Jul 11, 2014 04:20 PM EDT
After Lebron decided, expect more deals to come streaming in.

When Lebron James announced earlier today that he was heading to Cleveland, many thought it would be the levee-breaker that would make other NBA deals pour forth.  Well with the Lebron thing settled, and Carmelo Anthony likely to head back to the Knicks, it looks like the Lakers are going another direction than many thought, and grabbing Jeremy Lin.  

Although not considered a league shaking move for the Lakers like the Lebron James news was for Cleveland, acquiring Lin along with a future first-round draft pick is an attempt to bring in some much needed youth to a team that needs to regroup and rebuild.  

Lin is just 26, and has always been thought of as a hard worker and team player.  Two traits any new coach the Lakers can come up with is sure to love.  

Last season, Lin averaged 12.5 points and 4.1 assists per game with the Rockets while shooting 44 percent from the floor. He was a  solid contributor in the backcourt for Houston, but was a league standout when he played in New York prior to that.   He could become a great addition to the Lakers roster next season.

The situation for Lin in Houston was getting worse, especially after they did everything they could to get Carmelo Anthony's attention, going so far as disrespecting Lin in the process.  Prior to that, Lin was replaced in the starting rotation by Patrick Beverley.

The Lakers currently have Steve Nash and Kendall Marshall in the Point Guard position, but Nash has had serious health issues, and it's still unclear how much he will be able to do next season.

This is also a great sign that the Rockets are getting ready to close their max contract deal with Chris Bosh and match the deal Dallas just put forth to Chandler Parsons.

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