Moto G 2nd Gen Android L 5.0.1 Update Release Date; 4G LTE Could Receive a Larger Battery

( [email protected] ) Dec 30, 2014 06:29 PM EST
The Moto G 2nd Gen 4G LTE
Will the Moto 2nd Gen 4G version have a bigger battery? (Photo : Motorola Brazil) 

The Moto G 1st Gen was such a hit from users, that is was soon followed up a Mark 2 model.  This would appear to be the case for the 2nd Gen 4G LTE, and there could be a larger battery as well.  A recent Android L 5.0.1 Update Guide has revealed that the Moto G series should be at Android 5.0.1 now, possibly 5.0.2 later. 

The Moto G first showed up in 2013 with only 3G connectivity, but a few months later, a 4G LTE version was released to select markets.  Forbes recently named the Moto G, second generation, as one of 2014's top smartphones, and they also note a new version of the Moto G is on the way

The "Mark 2" version of the Moto G will be a 2nd Gen with 4G LTE, and will have 1 GB of RAM, as well as a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor.  What really makes it interesting is the 2nd Gen 4G LTE has a larger battery.  The 2nd Gen 3G has a 2070 mAh battery, but the 2nd Gen 4G LTE will have a 2390 mAh battery. 

Much of this information comes from Motorola's Brazilian arm, who may have unintentionally leaked the information, according to TechnologyTell.  This could also be an error on their part, as the weight is 149 grams and has a thickness of 11 mm.  Perhaps it could be a region-restricted version of the Moto G, as Motorola has been known to release special editions of its phones in South American markets, such as the Moto Maxx, or International Droid Turbo. 

In other words, we might have to wait to see if this special Brazilian version of the 2nd Gen Moto G is genuine.  In the meantime, perhaps it would be best to devote some time to what every Android user wants to hear, another Android L 5.0.1 update guide.  We have previously reported that not only have first and second generation of Motorola's Moto G begun to get the update to Lollipop (Android 5.0), but others have even reported that their devices are moving ahead straight to the latest 5.0.1 patch.

The International Business Times has stated that the Android 5.0.1 firmware is not meant to bring any major changes to the product line, but it remains a crucial component to fix problems in the original OS

This leads to the next question: when will Android 5.0.2 be available?  Android 5.0.2 has been spotted on the Nexus 7 2012 edition.  There doesn't seem to be any word on when the Android 5.0.2 will be available for either generation of the Moto G.