New Apple TV Powered By iOS 9 Coming With Siri & Tactile Remote Control, Release Date Set on September

( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2015 12:36 PM EDT
Aside from the much awaited iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, an updated Apple TV set-top box is rumored to be coming next month during Apple's September 9 media event. It is reportedly a revamped, iOS 9-powered device with its own App Store, Siri support, and improved user interface.
A next-generation Apple TV powered by iOS 9 is rumored to launch next month. Apple

As September nears, tech fanatics the across the globe have been getting more and more speculations about what products Apple will launch next. The upcoming month, which is increasingly becoming known as "the Apple month," is said to be when the tech giant would unveil its next flagship devices.

Aside from the much awaited iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, there's another device that is rumored to be unveiled on the company's September 9 media event. An updated Apple TV set-top box is said to be coming alongside new iPhones and iPads. What's interesting about this news is that it will reportedly be powered by Apple's latest iOS 9 platform.

Sources cited by 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman mentioned that the upcoming Apple TV will have a major software and hardware overhaul. They claimed that the device will be running a full-blown, optimized version of iOS 9 which will pave the way for the arrival of an App Store and SDK specially designed for the Apple TV.

The first generation Apple TV made its debut back in 2007. It has been long overdue for a refresh; it has not been treated with any hardware or software update for three years. But according to Gurman, that may soon change as a next-gen Apple TV will be unveiled in a few weeks.

Speaking of updates, the upcoming device will be powered by Apple's A8 chipset, the same component found inside the iPhone 6. It will come with 1GB RAM and 32GB of built-in memory. Additionally, the new Apple TV will reportedly have better support for a feature called iOS 9 Proactive Assistant, which offers contextual and relevant searches.

On the hardware side, the next-gen set-top box is said to have a "slimmer and slightly wider" body. However, a plastic body is expected instead of a metal shell to ensure maximum connectivity.

Aside from the set-top box itself, the Apple TV also comes with a remote. This is another component that is likely to be updated, too. The 9to5Mac report said that the next Apple TV will have a bigger remote with touch-based input, gesture support, and more tactile keys.

It's also possible that Apple may integrate its Force Touch technology into the remote, which can distinguish various types of touch and taps as seen on the company's new MacBook models. Furthermore, the report mentioned that support for gaming applications, an improved audio technology, and Apple's renowned Siri digital assistant will also be included in the upcoming Apple TV.

A revamped, iOS 9-powered set-top box with its own App Store, Siri, and improved user interface will surely give this Apple product a major edge against competitors such as Google's Android TV. However, what remains to be seen is how Apple will tag it with a competitive price. The three-year old Apple TV is currently available starting at $69. On the other hand, the original, first-gen Apple TV initially sold for a whopping $299 eight years ago.

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