MH370 Latest Update: It’s No Conspiracy, Missing Malaysian Plane Fall Due to Power Outage

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2015 01:22 PM EST
A recent report from the Australian Transport Bureau Pilots claims that pilots of the MH370 struggled to save the fallen plane when the aircraft was hit by power failure in the air.

A recent report from the Australian Transport Bureau Pilots claims that pilots of the MH370 struggled to save the fallen plane when the aircraft had a power failure in the air.

This discovery debunks conspiracy theories that say the ill-fated flight was intentionally downed by pilots that turned rogue.

According to the report, the Malaysia Airlines plane went into autopilot until it ran out of fuel, thus causing it to crash into the ocean.

The UK Express also reports that the Satellite Data Unit onboard the jet made attempts to reboot an hour and a half after the plane took off.

The Boeing 777 aircraft was still able to connect to a satellite. These were used to map its route to the Indian Ocean and were detected by the Inmarsat satellite operator in London.

Minutes before disappearing from air traffic radar, the captain said: "Good night. Malaysian three seven zero." Military satellites picked up responses indicating it was headed back to Malaysia.

The last time the pilots contacted air traffic control in Kuala Lumpur, the plane was already bound for the South China Sea.

The report also corrects a few details. One of these is that the plane actually flew for seven hours and 38 minutes rather than the scheduled time of five and a half hours.

Based on the evidence, investigators believe pilots tried their best to save the fallen plane and to bring the MH370 back to land in response to an emergency situation.

The ATBP December 3 report says, "As well as portraying a sudden crisis of control in the cockpit, the report greatly undercuts theories that the pilots themselves went rogue - far from harming the airplane it is much more likely that they were struggling to save it in a situation that most pilots would find hard to master."

Nevertheless, the mystery is not completely solved as investigators cannot resolve the cause of the power failure. The report surmises it to have been a "very complex failure... like a severe uncontained fire."

However, in the report, Australian authorities outlined four possible causes of the power outage. These were: a sudden failure that triggered the airplane's Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). This works to restore emergency power; an unknown action in the cockpit's overhead switches; an unknown person pulling out and resetting circuit breakers in the Main Equipment Centre below the flight deck; and intermittent technical failures.

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