'Fargo' Season 3 Release Date, Update: Who's Returning from Season 1? Launch Date Set in 2017

( [email protected] ) Jan 26, 2016 12:06 PM EST
There will be no "Fargo" for 2016. The new season is set to premiere in 2017, show runner confirmed. However, the story is going be set in 2010. Quite confusing and exciting at the same time.
Fargo Season 2 Cast. Entertainment Weekly

There will be no "Fargo" for 2016. The new season is set to premiere in 2017, showrunner confirmed. However, the story will be set in 2010. Quite confusing and exciting at the same time. 

Speaking with Variety, "Fargo" showrunner Noah Hawley revealed that it is just impossible to have "Fargo" season 3 for 2016. The show will have to be postponed to 2017 because it is not possible to get production up and running this year. 

"The reality is you won't see it in 2016," Hawley explained. "It's a winter show for better or worse. There is not time to shoot another year before this winter is over. We'll be writing over the next few months with the idea we'll go into production, much like our first year, in November and be back on the air in spring of 2017," he added.

Even though it is not possible to get production started, fans need not worry about the team not taking the third season seriously. In fact, the first hour of "Fargo" season 3 already has a script, Hawley revealed. He added that he and the writing team would devote the upcoming months to finishing the script for the series. 

"Fargo's" fans are quite used to having long gap time in between seasons anyway. The gap between season 1 and 2 had been nearly 18 months, and this might happen again. 

About the plot, Hawley revealed that the new season will be set in 2010, just four years after the events of the first season. Whether this means fans can see old cast members or not, Hawley already clarified this question. According to him, none of the first season cast members will have a prominent role in the third season. However, they might pop up from time to time. 

Entertainment Weekly also reported that the FX chief of the show, John Landgraf also released some details on the new season earlier. Talking to reporters at the Television Critics' Association's press tour in Pasadena on Saturday, Landgraf revealed that one character might return, even though he did not specify who. He added that Hawley might still change his mind about this plot line, and no character will return. Speculations have it that the character that might rerun will be the one played by Allison Tolman. If not, there will also be the one played by Martin Freeman.  But as Landgraf said, nothing is set in stone yet. 

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