iMac 2017 News and Release Date: Touch Bar Function Could be Included

( [email protected] ) Nov 08, 2016 09:51 AM EST
The Touch Bar function has been rumored to be part of the iMac 2017 when it hits the market next year.
Apple iMac 2016 releases on Oct. 27

It would be rather strange for a company like Apple not to roll out a new or refreshed product each year -- and next year does seem to indicate that the red carpet for a new iMac model is due. Obviously, it will be known as the iMac 2017 for easier reference, but as at press time, nothing official has been revealed by Cupertino just yet -- so we will simply have to feed off rumors and whispers on the grapevine concerning the possible hardware configuration and specifications of the upcoming iMac 2017. Originally meant to be released with the recently introduced MacBook Pro 2016, it looks like the iMac 2017 is now slated for a release next year.

While no one outside of the iMac development team and those who are supposed to be in the know of the situation at Apple have an inkling of an idea on what the iMac 2017 will come with, there is always the power of common sense which can be harnessed to take a stab at the possibilities. A slew of rumors have obviously started to gain steam, especially since Apple’s bitter rival, Microsoft, has launched their salvo of All-in-One devices in the form of the Surface Book i7 recently.

Will the iMac 2017 run on Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake processors? Certainly an inference can be made there taking into consideration how there is a seeming lack of Intel Kaby Lake processors right now, which could be the reason as to why the iMac 2017’s release is delayed. Obviously, the processor is at the heart of every computer, and the lack of a processor would point to a surefire shortage. As for the MacBook Pro 2016 that was just introduced, it runs on the Intel Skylake processor, which is a predecessor to Kaby Lake. It might simply be a matter of a waiting game for Apple as they patiently bide their time for the chip manufacturer to ensure an adequate supply of Kaby Lake processors for the iMac 2017.

The MacBook Pro 2016 did come with its fair share of changes to up the ante in the high end notebook market, and chances are some of these features and functions might also see action in the iMac 2017. The Touch Bar feature is definitely one of them, and assuming this upgrade makes the cut in the new iMac 2017, it would certainly offer a fresh outlook and turn the page of a new chapter in the world of iMacs. It has been said that the Touch Bar feature would be considered to be an upgrade in terms of hardware, and should also offer a boost to the user’s productivity levels.

As for the possible release date of the new iMac 2017, we might be looking at some time in the middle of next year. After all, 2017 would mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and hence it would be a watershed moment to introduce something as revolutionary as the iMac 2017 -- assuming it does come with the Touch Bar feature at the very least, of course. After all, history has also persuaded this school of thought, since more than a couple of years have passed since Apple introduced a newer iMac to the masses, and hence is long overdue for a refresh.

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