WWE 2K17 Glitches: Game Has More Than Meets The Eye

( [email protected] ) Dec 08, 2016 09:15 AM EST
Have some laughs with glitches that you might come across in your copy of WWE 2K17. After all, isn’t gaming supposed to be a whole lot of fun and laughter?
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Games are supposed to be fun and for us to enjoy, which is why we happen to play them in the first place. However, when it comes to competitive gaming, things can get out of hand at times as the fun flies through the window, while a sombre mood of seriousness sets in. Forget about the moment when you found out that entertainment wrestling was just that -- for entertainment, although there have been some pretty serious injuries in the ring before, they have more or less been scripted and choreographed beforehand according to a storyline so that fans get entertained every single week. When you bring something as dynamic as entertainment wrestling into the world of video games, what do you end up with? 2K Sport’s WWE 2K17 is a pretty good example of what you can expect, offering a slew of wrestlers in its roster, with more if you decide to purchase the individual packs (or get the Season Pass that gives you all of the DLCs) for that added digital variety in terms of the muscled warriors available. Well, it is nearly one quarter since WWE 2K17 made its debut, and it has certainly received a number of fixes and updates since then for a better gaming experience. However, there are still some glitches in the game, which could prove to be rather hilarious if it happens to you.

First of all, let me say this. There is no such thing as a perfect video game, or rather, it is really, really rare to discover one that rolls out and works perfectly right out of the box without any further need for tweaking and changes made. Sure, the older games back in the days when we made use of floppy disks to install them, that might apply, but in the modern era of gaming, it is nigh impossible to find a title that does not need a fix or update down the road, and WWE 2K17 would be one such example of having glitches. Despite receiving its fair share of updates since its release, there are some visual glitches that have yet to be corrected, which could actually deliver doses of laughter, or perhaps scare you.

A WWE 2K17 player known as Jean-Robert Savoie did share his experience with WWE 2K17. In the game, Savoi's wrestling character looked as though he has his lower body dislocated, or was simply contorting his body with such professionalism, he could still move around without any hindrance, though. In that particular visual glitch, his character was unable to get down, and he also needed to wait for his opponent to wake up from being unconscious on the floor.

There is another visual glitch which saw a character making a decision whether to take the ladder as an entryway back into the ring as opposed to the normal manner. The ladder itself was leaning on the top rope from the floor, and upon making contact with it, the ladder slid sideways -- only to hit the game’s referee who subsequently disappeared from the game.

The YouTube video above was shared by ThomasE316, who played the role of Neville while going up against Randy Orton. The fight happened outside the ring, as the match was about to begin in the backstage area. However, the game loaded the backstage area and Neville failed to show up. Orton then went to the ring, and the match restarted, but Neville remained missing. Needless to say, Orton emerged as the victor. What are some of the WWE 2K17 glitches that you have encountered and would like to share?

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