PlayStation Now Lets You Stream PS4 Games For $99 A Year

( [email protected] ) Mar 14, 2017 11:37 PM EDT
Fancy forking out an average of $8 a month in order to gain access to more than 400 games throughout the year, and these being PS3 titles?
With more than 400 games available via the streaming service, many people might see this move by Sony as one that urges legacy gamers to make the jump to the Sony PS4 at the very least. PlayStation Blog

Everybody loves a good deal when it comes to spending money wisely. For gamers, they are able to rely on the luck of the draw each month when it comes to Xbox Live Games with Gold or PlayStation Plus services. However, Sony has decided on a move that is surprisingly affordable when you break it down into a monthly cost. PlayStation Now (PS Now) will now enable gamers to stream PS3 games onto their respective consoles, all for an asking price of $99 each year. Whipping out our calculators, that is slightly more than $8 each month, which should be a very fair bargain for those who would like to enjoy more than 400 available PS3 titles at their beck and call, all right smack in the comfort of their living room.

For the year 2017, there is going to be an expansion in the PS Now game streaming library, where PS4 games will also be part of the deal. These PS4 titles will be playable not only on the current generation Sony PS4 console itself, but it is also able to be enjoyed on a Windows PC using a solitary subscription, now how about that?

PlayStation Now enables gamers to stream hundreds of PS3 games, which total up to 483 titles, allowing them to be played on the Sony PS4 and Windows PC. This is perfect for folks who have always wanted to try out the “classic” titles from Sony’s previous generation console, but never really managed to find a way to hunt for the game discs on a third party reseller website or to dig through the bargain bin at the local video game store.

Well, it seems that the PlayStation Now catalogue is set to grow even further, including PS4 games. This will include all of the games in the service, with PS4 titles thrown into the mix as well, as long as you sign up for a brand new PS Now subscription. More information will be made available to avid and interested gamers as the launch date draws closer. Sony would like to kick start things with a private test involving PS4 games on PS Now, so those who are active PS Now subscribers should keep a close watch on your respective email inboxes in the event that an invitation is sent your way.

As PS Now makes use of Sony’s cloud streaming technology, gamers who subscribe to the service will be able to access the whole slew of games, pick one that tickles their fancy, and play right away -- all without having to twiddle your fingers and thumbs for download times or load times. What about game saves? Fret not, Sony has got your back covered as well, since PS Now relies on cloud saves that will allow you to begin playing on a PS4 and resume the game on a different PS4 or even a Windows PC later on, and this holds true for the other direction.

PS Now currently offers a seven-day free trial just in case you would like to get a teaser of what you can enjoy. Some of the most popular games on PlayStation Now in the previous month were Red Dead Redemption, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat, WWE 2K15, The Last of Us, Mafia II, Injustice: Gods Among Us, NBA 2K14, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, and Batman Arkham Origins.

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