Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest Specs, Release Date News: USB-C Connector Port & Intel's Kaby Lake Processor

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2017 02:00 PM EDT
All that you would like to know about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 can be found here.
USB-C connector spotted right under the kickstand in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. China Compulsory Certificate

Now this is news that everyone knows: the Surface Pro 5 from Microsoft is coming soon. There are still several other questions concerning this piece of hardware that are swimming around in our heads, and we do hope that you will be able to find out all that you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

What is the Surface Pro 5?
The 2-in-1 hybrid computer-tablet form factor has been truly revolutionized by the Surface Pro range from Microsoft a few years back. In fact, the Surface Pro 5’s predecessor, the aptly named Surface Pro 4 proved to be a roaring success for the Redmond, Washington company, so why reinvent the wheel? All that Microsoft has to do is to make sure that the upcoming iteration of the Surface Pro 5 will move forward in the strength of the Surface Pro ideals, while keeping up with the times by introducing new technology that will be future forward.

In short, the Surface Pro 5 is a 2-in-1 hybrid device that works great as a tablet when you need to be productive and portable, while functioning with a full desktop experience as you are seated behind your work desk.

Known Surface Pro 5 specs
There has been a fair number of leaks and rumors concerning the Surface Pro 5 over the past few months, and in the worst case scenario, the Surface Pro 5 would be nothing more than the Surface Pro 4 with a slight bump in the hardware specifications -- or will it?

MSPU has reported that the Surface Pro 5 has managed to gain compliance from the CCC, which is the China Compulsory Certificate -- a body that functions as China’s version of our FCC. In other words, the Surface Pro 5 is good to go in China. That alone is further confirmation that the Surface Pro 5 is well on its way, and soon. Otherwise, there would be no real concrete date.

Apart from that, in a new patent that was filed by Microsoft, it does point to the presence of a USB-C connector port right below the kickstand area of the Surface Pro 5. This is certainly an exciting and encouraging piece of news, since all of the previous Surface devices required a Surface Connector to be hooked up, making it a rather inconvenient experience. With USB-C, this will not longer be an issue, considering the universality of this kind of connector. After all, USB-C lets users have the luxury of using a solitary cable to juice all of their devices, the Surface Pro 5 included. It can also be used to hook up to external GPUs and displays, assuming the port has been configured to be a Thunderbolt 3 type.

Expect Intel’s Kaby Lake series of processors to make its appearance in the Surface Pro 5 which ought to up the ante in terms of performance compared to the previous generation of Sky Lake chips.

When will the Surface Pro 5 be announced?
Many are looking forward to the Microsoft Spring event, but that alone is no guarantee that the Surface Pro 5 will be announced or released then. However, we do know that the Surface Pro 5 is well on its way for an official release, and will there be other pleasant surprises be in tow as well? We keep our fingers crossed.

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