What’s Happening In Longmire Season 6?

( [email protected] ) Apr 11, 2017 02:02 PM EDT
The excitement is building up around Longmire Season 6. What’s the latest buzz surrounding the final season for this much anticipated series? Word has it that the season premier will happen this September.
Teaser image for Netflix's ''Longmire'' series. YouTube / Netflix U.S. & Canada

It looks like the Longmire season 6 premiere will most probably arrive this September -- some time in the middle or at the end of the month. While September 2017 might still be some ways off, time certainly passes by all too quickly, and it is never too early to build up excitement and anticipation for Longmire season 6.

Longmire Days kicks off this July
What else is there to know about Longmire season 6 that will premiere on Netflix? One thing is for sure -- Longmire Days will once again make a return to Buffalo, Wyoming. Longmire Days is a kind of celebration that will allow fans -- especially the hardcore ones, to make their way to Buffalo in order to celebrate not only the books, but also the Netflix TV series as well. This year, Longmire Days will happen from July 7 to July 9, so you might want to book hotels earlier on in order to avoid disappointment like Joseph and Mary did when they went to Bethlehem some two thousand years ago. The town is not all that big, and hence, accommodation could be tricky if you were to book late. Also, we would recommend you to avoid taking United Airlines just in case you have “volunteered” yourself to get off an overbooked flight.

It would not be surprising to see series author Craig Johnson make an appearance at Longmire Days, in addition to other stars of the TV series. After all, this will indeed be the final season of the Longmire TV series, so chances are more people than usual would take the opportunity to celebrate the occasion.

The Western Star book arriving this September
Apart from Longmire Days, there is one particular thing to take note of -- Johnson’s upcoming book will be known as The Western Star, and it will go on sale this coming September 5. In other words, that should give you approximately a fortnight’s worth of reading material before the final season kicks off on Netflix. Obviously, the books will carry some reference to the show, and at the same time, there will be differences to take note of, but at least it is an accompaniment that should not be forgotten as it would make the entire Longmire experience a richer one. It does not matter whether your primary Longmire fix comes from the books or the TV series, either one is easy to follow and have memorable characters whom you are able to vouch for.

Longmire Season 6 premiere date
When exactly will the first episode of Longmire Season 6 premiere on Netflix? We do not know just yet, but we do know that filming of the TV series have not ended just yet, and is set to continue for at least two more months. If one were to leave allowance of another couple of months in terms of cleaning it up (all 10 episodes) and editing, then we are most probably looking at a September release -- some time time in the second half of September 2017.

With that, TV networks and YouTube should light up with Longmire Season 6 trailers some time in August or in early September.

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