GTA Online Update Receives Tiny Racers Mode on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

( [email protected] ) Apr 27, 2017 12:16 PM EDT
Tiny Racers mode update for GTA Online is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.
Fancy controlling a toy car in a GTA Online environment? With the latest GTA update, you can now do so with the Tiny Racers mode. Kotaku

Love GTA Online? This is the game that keeps on going, as new mods as well as updates are released from time to time that certainly goes a long way in lengthening the lifespan of a title. This time around, GTA Online has picked up the Tiny Racers mode, and best of all is, there is no need to sit down and wait for a download process to begin. All that you need to do to enjoy the Tiny Racers mode is to boot up your console (Xbox One or Sony Ps4) or PC, and Rockstar would have enabled the update. From there, just hold R1 on start-up in order to make a direct jump into a playlist.

Tiny Racers courses happen to be top-down in nature, and they have been built using the available stunt tracks, hence one can always expect to enjoy a whole lot of ramps as well as jumps. Not only that, gamers can also be expected to pick up a fair number of different power ups to aid their gameplay and carry an additional advantage over your opponents. These power ups include the likes of rockets, but if you happen to fall behind too far compared to the others, you will end up exploding yourself. Hence, it pays to remain close to the pack or right in front, and use it wisely.

The Tiny Racers Mode will make use of a high placed camera as well as large stunt tracks, providing the gamer with the feeling of taking control of a toy RC car. The sound effects have also been changed to reflect the situation accordingly. The visuals are not to be faulted here, although there has been some feedback by gamers about the how the driving physics in GTA Online simply do not end up making it any easier to drive while in top-down view. In other words, losing control of your ride is way too easy to happen, despite the tracks being custom-made for such a mode.

One piece of beef that many gamers who had given Tiny Racers a go is this: the manner of winning and losing. Without a traditional lap race format or choosing an end point, players will need to instead attempt to outrun another three drivers. The moment you pull far ahead of the others, there will be a large circle that pops up. Your job is to catch up with the circle within a limited amount of time, otherwise you end up exploding. The last car standing picks up a point, and this continues until someone picks up 5 points.

So far, it does seem as though there are seven different courses which are available to the masses, and each of these have been created to cater for anywhere from 2 to 4 players. All of these will also offer double the amount of RP as well as cash throughout this week. Perhaps it is time to revisit GTA Online and make sure that you are able to maximize the amount of game time wisely to pick up as many RP and cash as possible?

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