iPad Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 5 Specs Comparison: Which One is Better?

( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2017 09:04 AM EDT
This summer will see a tablet blockbuster event happen as the iPad Pro 2 and Surface Pro 5 are being prepared for their respective debuts.
The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft that you see here is a lean, mean machine, but will the upcoming Surface Pro 5 be able to out-impress it when it arrives? Microsoft Store

The battle of the tablets heat up with the two main competitors for this year, the iPad Pro 2 in Apple’s corner with the Surface Pro 5 in Microsoft’s corner warming up for a battle royale. Granted, the tablet market is not exactly the most happening one at this point in time, but this does not mean that there is no more market for tablets. It is just that the iPad Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 5 will target the higher end markets, being devices which are capable of functioning as a decent productivity device while on the move, or at the desk. Many people are looking forward to both of these tablets arriving later this year -- with many eyes trained on the month of June, so which particular model should you pick up?

All About The iPad Pro 2
The iPad Pro, while large in size, was still quite the success story. The way Apple developed and created tablets which were not only portable and large, but they also were capable of packing enough power underneath the hood to be carried to business meetings. With the iPad Pro 2, we are mainly looking at upgrades happening underneath the hood. The A9X chip that was at the heart of the iPad Pro will no longer be there, but it will be replaced the more powerful and more efficient A10X. In other words, the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 is said to be able to keep up with an increased number of workload without missing a beat. There is also a possibility that there will be a bump in the RAM count as well, with a better rear camera being part of the deal that will bump up the megapixel count from 8-megapixels all the way to 12-megapixels. As for the storage options of the iPad Pro 2, there should 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB options on the table. In terms of design, the iPad Pro 2 should not have any bezel at all, while the 3.5mm headphone jack will be there as well. Chances are we will also see the iPad Pro 2 arrive with the 3D Touch that is found in the iPhone 6s as well as the Touch Bar of the 2016 MacBook Pro. Will it hit the market this May or June?

Surface Pro 5 Details
As for the Surface Pro range, the most recent model is the Surface Pro 4. The next model would be the Surface Pro 5, logically speaking. The hardware found in the Surface Pro 4 is capable of going up against some laptops out there, but it is meant to function as a tablet first, and laptop second -- only when you hook up a keyboard to it for easy typing. We would think that the Surface Pro 5 would be smaller than the iPad Pro 2, and yet it ought to pack quite a punch thanks to an Intel Kaby Lake processor located underneath the hood, which will be accompanied by 16GB of RAM. It will come with a 128GB SSD for storage options, and depending on your budget and needs, storage options max out at 1TB.

So, which particular model would you pick up?

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