Duck Dynasty Series On A&E Calls It A Day After 11 Seasons

( [email protected] ) May 03, 2017 12:34 PM EDT
All good things must come to an end, and after 11 long seasons, the Duck Dynasty series on A&E is calling it quits.
"Duck Dynasty" stars Jase and Missy Robertson have been married for 25 years. The pair recently released their latest book, "Blessed, Blessed... Blessed". Getty Images

It has been a long but fun ride, as the Duck Dynasty series will call it a day on the A&E network after 11 long seasons. With this ending of Duck Dynasty, it would mean the end of the road for the Robertson family, at least after the past half decade showing off their lives to all and sundry on reality TV. It is said that there are some shows which a network would cancel without taking into consideration any input from the show itself, but this is definitely far from the truth where Duck Dynasty is involved, having been a hit series on TV for 11 seasons that spanned across five years. In fact, the Robertson family was amiable enough to decide with A&E on bringing the curtains down on one of the biggest hits where the history of cable television is concerned. We are quite sure that many people would have caught the finale of the 11th season, which was also the last show of the series on March 29, 2017, earlier this year.

On April 6 earlier last month, there was a segment concerning "#Duck Dynasty" with the Robertson family appearing on "Good Morning America". Over there, ABC News’ Jesse Palmer managed to spend some time talking the Robertson family about their future plans, after seeing how their show is no longer in existence. In this reality television series, it showcased the lifestyle of the Robertsons, which was pretty humble and heart-warming, to say the least. This Christian family that hails from Louisiana ended up finding success on the small screen thanks to their family-owned and operated business which is known as Duck Commander. When Duck Dynasty was aired, it actually smashed a number of records for the network -- as well as across the cable television industry. In fact, Duck Dynasty ended up as the most-watched cable series ever, and when it was time to call it quits, Duck Dynasty managed to rack up a total of 130 episodes.

Having launched in 2012, it managed to capture the attention of 11.8 million viewers by the time the fourth season rolled around. However, from that high, the sixth season saw a drastic drop to just 4.6 million viewers. The bell did toll for Duck Dynasty in season ten, with 1.3 million viewers left, resulting in the mutual decision to bring down the curtain on it.

There was another reason that both the network and family decided to cancel the show -- the cast members had their plates full with other engagements as well as business ventures. Sadie Robertson left the show in order to take part in "Dancing with the Stars", while landing a key role in the movie "I'm Not Ashamed". As for Willie Robertson, Sadie's father, he embroiled himself in politics by campaigning for Donald Trump. He was also an author, having written some books with other family members. Uncle Si had also moved on with a spin-off series of his own, calling it "Going Si-Ral", which was shown on A&E (of course!). At least Duck Dynasty bowed out gracefully from the scene.

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