Is There Life After Duck Dynasty? The Robertsons Don't Just Say So, They Show It

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14 June 2017: It can be quite a change from having a hectic reality TV show crew follow you most of the day to film all that is going on in your life, personal and business. The Robertsons shed some light on what their plans are after ending so many seasons of Duck Dynasty. There is certainly more to life than being on reality TV!
Duck Dynasty will be back for Season 9 on January 13, 2016. A&E

Duck Dynasty's run on reality TV might have come to an end after a solid 11 seasons on A&E. What are some of the show's stars up to, especially members of the Robertson family? Let us take a closer look at the new adventures and projects that the likes of Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson and Willie Robertson are up to below.

Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson continues to run Duck Commander, their business which was there before the reality TV show, and continues to be there, selling all sorts of equipment that you can check out if you would like to start out on hunting ducks. Of course, being back in business full time, it makes perfect sense that he continues to promote everything that has to do with duck hunting -- including the Duckmen 16: Resurrection DVD and an aviator hat, among others. All of this while juggling with other challenges that all modern day businesses can be affected by: a computer system that crashes.

Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson's love for machines is certainly an understatement, as he has recently reviewed a mower that he claims is 'awesome'. Of course, he is also very much interested in playing softball, most recently enjoying a spot of softball with other professional athletes on June 7th in the 2017 Black and Gold Celebrity Softball game at the Turchin Stadium. He continues to spread messages of goodwill, and connecting different people and organisations together in order to make the world a better place -- including war-torn countries like Syria.

Korie Robertson
Korie Robertson is the wife of Willie Robertson, and she continues to be prolific with the recent release of her latest book, titled "Strong & Kind". The paperback is hot off the press, this is the book to read if you are interested in raising kids with character. After all, character is much sought after in this day and age, especially for the modern kids who seem to grow up too pampered and 'soft'. Hopefully she will continue to keep up with her writing efforts. In between juggling her role as a woman, mom and wife, she has also taken some time out to be a guest one of the Focus on the Family broadcasts.

Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson does not shy away from his love of baseball, although he continues to place God first in his life, followed by family, and then ducks. Followed by everything else, of course. Something tells me that baseball is fourth on the list, but that is debatable. Of course, his marriage to Missy Robertson continues to be an inspiration for couples all over the world, and we pray that they continue to grow from strength to strength.

Missy Robertson
The wife of Jase Robertson, Missy Robertson continues to inspire not only through her business, Laminin Designs, but also through her online devotionals that will certainly be timely for some of us who are in rough spots or simply need a boost in the butt. Laminin Designs is not just any business, but is also a ministry platform that continues to empower women while building up communities in a supportive work environment. Her Mia Moo foundation has also recently endowed another recipient, which means life is pretty peachy at the moment.

Sadie Robertson
She continues to be a livewire in the Twittersphere, and her Twitter channel is constantly interspersed with encouraging verses from the Bible which are sure to lift up even the most foul spirit in us. She recently celebrated her birthday on June 11 with a live stream, and life’s all good.

Looks like the entire Duck Dynasty family have moved on from their success in their reality TV show on A&E. The way they are so real in their interaction goes to show that it is not the reality TV show that made them, but the other way around. Now that is something that is very difficult to find in showbiz these days.

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