City Impact Conference 2013 in San Francisco (Brian & Jenn Johnson from Bethel Music)

1,800 Christians partnered with San Francisco City Impact ministry in a day of massive outreach featuring eclectic venues of services to the residents of the Tenderloin, the poorest and most violent neighborhood in all of San Francisco.

That day, the fragrance of Christ carried by believers could be smelled from within the one square mile of Tenderloin district, where 37,000 residents and 6,000 homeless live. The Warfield Theater sign read "City Impact Conference," "Francis Chan," "Brian & Jenn Johnson," and "Jesus" on the third row. Ironically, the wordings on the sign sharply contrasted with the strip club 'Crazy Horse' sign, located next to the theater, but aptly represented the conference's Christian mission in loving the marginalized and the sinful as Christ has taught and lived 2,000 years ago.

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