‘Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family to Sell ‘Duck Commander’ Coffee, Hot Chocolate

( [email protected] ) May 08, 2014 04:52 PM EDT

The Robertsons plan to expand their "Duck Commander" business with a line of coffee and hot chocolate products, to be released later this year. The "Duck Dynasty" family has ventured into a wide variety of businesses, including selling hunting gear, designing fashion and merchandising, running a restaurant, and authoring faith-based books.

Duck Commander Coffee

The Robertson family is full of entrepreneurs. Since patriarch Phil's success with making duck calls, the family has greatly expanded the "Duck Commander" business - from Missy's Southern Fashion House line of trendy, modest clothing to Korie and Rebecca's Duck and Dressing boutique, Sadie's Live Original  collection by Sherri Hill, and possibly a children's line of clothing from Jessica in the future. Several members of the family have also authored books, including "Si-Cology 1", "The Women of Duck Commander," Phil's "Happy, Happy, Happy," Miss Kay's cookbook, and "The Duck Commander Devotional," along with a church curriculum series called "Faith Commander." What's more, they've created a line of shotguns and currently sponsor a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway. They own Willie's Duck Diner restaurant in Louisiana and produce a "Duck Commander" wine label as well.

To add to their repertoire, the Robertson family is now venturing into the world of coffee. The Christian Post reports that "Duck Commander" will partner with Mello Joy to create their product line, which will feature a medium and dark roast of Arabica beans, along with a hot chocolate and cappuccino drink. The Robertson family says they have searched for the best coffee they could find, and ended up choosing the Louisiana-based coffee company to create their products.

The Advertiser reports that the roasts will be a "rich blend of Brazilian and Central American coffee beans with no bitter aftertaste." The "Duck Commander" coffee products are expected to be available beginning in August in grocery stores such as Wal-Mart and Costco, and they plan to conduct online sales as well sometime in the future.