Longmire Rides To Cody This Independence Day

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2017 11:34 PM EDT
Expect Cody to experience a fest this July 4 with Longmire's attendance.
Teaser image for Netflix's ''Longmire'' series. YouTube / Netflix U.S. & Canada

The Longmire series on Netflix has certainly garnered quite a following over the years, but this does not mean that they are going to rest on their laurels. With Longmire Season 6 having its filming happen in March earlier this year while fans and industry watchers alike continue to speculate on the story arc, how about taking a respite from all the online news and rumors and check out the Longmire actors in the flesh themselves? Actor Robert Taylor, who happens to play the lead character in the set in Wyoming (although all of the filming is done in New Mexico), he will be in Cody this July 4 to celebrate the 241st Independence Day this year. Also, in order to be fair and balanced, Taylor will also make his presence known in Buffalo for Longmire Days that is set to happen between July 7 to July 9. Sheriff Longmire will not be a lone ranger though, as there will be more than the proverbial Tonto, as several other cast members are tipped to make their way to these events.

Theoretically speaking, whoever is thinking of stirring up trouble at Cody this July 4 might want to think twice, as the fictional Longmire and “The Ferg” do not have a high level of tolerance against such pranksters or lawbreakers, but it would be interesting to see if a mock crime spree could happen and Sheriff Longmire lays the smack down on-site. Now that will certainly be a very different way of ushering in and celebrating Independence Day, don’t you think so?

Actors Robert Taylor and Adam Bartley, who will play the roles of Sheriff Walt Longmire and Deputy Archie “The Ferg” Ferguson, respectively, in the A&E “Longmire” series, will not be alone in their appearance. They will join forces with other notable names on the acting circuit such as John Wayne, Steven Seagal, Wilford Brimley, Red Steagall and Chuck Yeager as grand marshal of the July 4 Cody Stampede Parade. Needless to say, when the time comes for the glowing list of popular actors to lead Wyoming’s largest Independence Day parade (to date) down the entire length of Sheridan Avenue, the whole town would be watching, and we believe that the rest of the show’s fans, too. After all, it would not be too much trouble to set up a live feed on YouTube or other live streams, right? It might even be a fan effort at the end of the day, but as the date approaches, we do hope to see whether such an initiative has been set up in the process.

July 4 might be the nation’s Independence Day, but it also happens to be the fifth and final day of Cody’s annual birthday bash for the country, a tradition that is fast approaching the century mark after being held for the last 98 years. Why is it called the Cody Stampede? Well, close to all events, ranging from rodeos to parades, is a reflection of the equestrian heritage that this small Wyoming town located in the northwest has carried on for so long. In fact, horses are a part of life in Cody for the longest time, ever since the days of Buffalo Bill who made his way through this region and had the vision of seeing a town established.

The events in 2017 in Cody will begin on June 30 itself, starting with the Cody/Yellowstone Bull-Riding Event. Expect there to be more fun from Saturday, July 1 all the way through July 4 with four Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)-sanctioned Stampede Rodeos, sandwiching a Kiddies Parade in between on July 2; with Stampede Parades on July 3 and 4, among others. You might want to make your way there earlier and book your rooms in advance, since Cody is not the largest town and accommodation could be scarce.

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