Tag : Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil
Pope Francis title : Father Tom Uzhunnalil Says Jesus Was 'Next' to Him Everyday During ISIS Captivity
summary : September 15, 2017: Father Tom Uzhunnalil, the Catholic priest released this week after being kidnapped last March by Islamic extremists in Yemen, said he felt Jesus "next to" him every day during his ordeal.
date : Sep 15, 2017 10:17 AM EDT
Father Tom Uzhunnalil title : Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil: Indian Government Flippantly Responds to Criticism Over Failing to Secure Release of Kidnapped Priest
summary : After coming under fire for failing to secure the release of an Indian Catholic priest kidnapped 10 months ago in Yemen by Islamic extremists, government officials in India have defended themselves by saying the priest went to the embattled country "ignoring the central government's orders not to go", even though he'd lived and worked in the country for 14 years.
date : Jan 10, 2017 01:31 PM EST