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Christians in India title : Christian Girls Forcibly Removed from Hindu Festival Over Flyers Proclaiming Jesus as One True God
summary : Two Christian girls were removed from a Hindu festival in Mumbai because they distributed leaflets proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only true God, according to a new report.
date : Sep 21, 2018 11:26 AM EDT
Christians in India title : Hindu Extremists Force Christians to Stop Attending Church Under Threat of Death
summary : Hindu extremists in India have forced Christian families to stop attending church, threatening them with physical harm. Yet, despite such persecution, the Christians have vowed to continue worshiping Christ -- in secret.
date : Sep 04, 2018 10:29 AM EDT
India title : Hard-line Hindu Confesses to Attempted Murder of Pastor in Southern India
summary : A hard-line Hindu has confessed to attempting to murder a pastor in southern India as the Christian leader was praying at night, according to police.
date : Apr 09, 2018 03:34 PM EDT
Christians in India title : Hindu Extremists Turn Tribal, Animist Villagers against Christians in India
summary : About 20 villagers questioning Christians gathered for worship in a home in Odisha state, India were animists who worshipped objects in nature and other gods, but Hindu nationalists had led them there.
date : Mar 27, 2018 02:39 PM EDT
India title : Hindu Extremists Block, Disrupt Large-Scale Prayer Service in India
summary : Hindu extremists in Chhattisgarh state this month kept hundreds of Christians from a prayer service and attacked those who managed to attend, and in neighboring Madhya Pradesh a frivolous accusation led to the arrest of Christmas carol singers, sources said.
date : Dec 27, 2017 10:42 AM EST
India title : Police Complicit in Hindu Extremist Attack on Christians in India
summary : Police arrested Christians who were attacked by Hindu nationalists in Tamil Nadu state, India, then tried to portray the incident as a fight between two parties, sources said.
date : Dec 20, 2017 12:47 PM EST
India title : Christians in India Arrested, Beaten by Hindu Extremists After Praying for Sick Man
summary : Seven Christians in India have been booked on charges of hurting religious feelings after Hindu extremists savagely beat them when they gathered to pray for a sick man at his home, sources said.
date : Dec 14, 2017 01:30 PM EST
Christians in India title : Pastor Beaten by Hindu Extremists Vows to 'Love' Enemies, Continue Sharing Gospel Till 'Last Breath''
summary : Berating and slapping two pastors into signing an apology letter before police, Hindu extremists stopped a planned three-day gospel meeting in Chhattisgarh state, India minutes before it was to begin, sources said.
date : Dec 12, 2017 10:11 AM EST
Christians in India title : Christian Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Worship in Their Home
summary : For 12 years Mahendra Nagdeve had met with friends and relatives in his house in Madhya Pradesh state, India to worship Christ until he received a notice from city officials this month.
date : Dec 01, 2017 10:44 AM EST
Christians in India title : Christians in India Praise God in Spite of Police Brutality, Month in Jail
summary : Six Christians facing false charges, two of them beaten by police, were jailed for a month for praying for a sick woman in eastern India, they said.
date : Nov 27, 2017 10:08 AM EST
India title : Hindu Extremists Beat Pastor Unconscious in Southern India after ‘Miraculous’ Conversions
summary : Weeks after a pastor led five families to faith in Christ in southern India, masked men on motorbikes intercepted him on his way home from worship and tried to kill him, sources said.
date : Nov 06, 2017 12:42 PM EST
Christians in India title : Christian Teenager in India Arrested for Anti-Hindu Comments on Fake Facebook Forgives Persecutors
summary : A Christian teenager in northern India was jailed for 12 days after anti-Hindu comments appeared on a fake Facebook account in his name, sources said.
date : Oct 16, 2017 11:28 AM EDT
Christians in India title : Police in India Arrest Six Christians, Call Worship ‘Unlawful Assembly'
summary : July 25, 2017: Berating and slapping a pastor for reading the Bible instead of Hindu texts, police in Uttar Pradesh state, India last month detained six Christians under "unlawful assembly" laws for worshiping together, sources said.
date : Jul 25, 2017 11:53 AM EDT
Christians in India title : Christians in India Beaten With Sticks, Forced to Participate in Hindu Rituals
summary : June 26, 2017: Villagers in Uttar Pradesh state, India beat Christians, forced them to participate in Hindu rituals and have refused to provide them water, sources said.
date : Jun 26, 2017 01:53 PM EDT
Indian Textbook title : Christians in India Protest Textbook Calling Jesus ‘Demon,’ Mistake a ‘Typo Error’ Says State Board
summary : June 12, 2017: Christian groups in India are in an uproar over a Hindi textbook that refers to Jesus as a “demon.”
date : Jun 12, 2017 09:07 AM EDT
Christians in India title : ‘If Worshiping Jesus Is a Crime, I Will Commit This Crime Every Day’: Indian Christians Defy Authorities Forcing Them to ‘Reconvert’ to Hinduism
summary : Authorities in Chhattisgarh, India are forcing Christians to go back to Hinduism by imposing fines upon them and subjecting them to public humiliation, but believers say they are ready to face the consequences.
date : May 22, 2017 07:02 PM EDT
India Christians Protest Against Church Attacks title : India Christians Experience ‘Alarming Rise’ in Attacks from Hindu Nationalists
summary : Anti-Christian violence in India has intensified, with politically motivated attacks occurring more frequently since the elections in March, a new report said.
date : May 03, 2017 02:36 PM EDT
Christians in India title : Christians in India Beaten, Tortured by Hindu Extremists
summary : Hindu extremists recently tortured, beat and chased off from their homes 29 Christians who refused to deny their faith in Jesus Christ and convert to Hinduism in India. Christianity is expanding in India along with Hindu persecution of Christians.
date : Jun 10, 2016 03:44 PM EDT