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Saddleback Leather title : Pastor-Turned-Saddleback Leather CEO Shares Inspiring Rags-To-Riches Story, Biblical Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
summary : In an exclusive interview, YoungLife leader-turned-Saddleback Leather CEO Dave Munson shares his amazing rags-to-riches story.
date : Dec 19, 2017 02:27 PM EST
Pastor Gideon Jacob title : Pastor in India Arrested and Charged with Trafficking Dozens of Girls Through Christian-Run Orphanage
summary : A pastor in southern India has been arrested for allegedly trafficking dozens of young girls through a Christian-run orphanage
date : Oct 31, 2017 11:14 AM EDT
Jimmy Mellado title : Compassion CEO International Jimmy Mellado on Importance of Rest in Ministry, Advice for Young Leaders
summary : Jimmy Mellado, CEO of Compassion International, shared his thoughts on leadership burnout and the importance of discipline in both rest and work at the annual Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
date : Oct 06, 2017 10:51 AM EDT
Meeting title : Is a Busy Church a Fruitful Church?
summary : Is busyness an indicator that a church is fruitful and effective in advancing God’s kingdom?
date : May 15, 2017 09:36 AM EDT
Ruth Graham title : Mother's Day 2017: Anne Graham-Lotz Reflects on Faith, Legacy of Mother Ruth Graham
summary : In honor of Mother's Day, evangelist Anne Graham-Lotz reflected on the life and legacy of her mother, Ruth Graham.
date : May 09, 2017 12:49 PM EDT
Match title : Burnout One Reason Why Pastors Quit, Says Survey
summary : An online survey identified burnout as one of the reasons why pastors leave the ministry.
date : Oct 17, 2016 11:01 PM EDT
Nancy Ortberg title : 'Transforming the Bay With Christ' Large Gathering: Nancy Ortberg on Reaching Communities with Gospel
summary : Speaking at the Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) Large Group Gathering held at Westgate Church in San Jose, TBC's CEO Nancy Ortberg shared her hope for the organization and emphasized the need for churches to unite and reach out to the local community with the truth of the Gospel.
date : Oct 03, 2016 06:33 PM EDT
John Ortberg Interviews Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado title : Compassion International President Says God is Calling The World's 700 Million Christians to Provide Hope to 400 Million Impoverished Children
summary : As part of Menlo Park Church's "World Without Walls" series, Pastor John Ortberg spoke with Compassion International president Jimmy Mellado about the need for hope in the world and how God is calling the church to be a part of that hope.
date : Nov 24, 2015 04:52 PM EST
Dr. Myles Munroe title : Pastor Myles Munroe Had Dreams of Leadership Changes Before His Untimely Death
summary : Before dying in a plane in the Bahamas on Nov. 9, Dr. Myles Munroe had a dream. He claimed that his dream was related to upcoming leadership transitions.
date : Nov 20, 2014 09:00 PM EST