Tag : National Security
Religious Persecution, Iran Christians title : Converts in Iran Accused of 'Acting Out Against National Security' Await Verdict after Delays
summary : July 5, 2017: Four Iranian converts facing the possibility of up to six years in prison on charges of "acting against national security" are awaiting a verdict expected to be issued soon after numerous delays, according to human rights activists.
date : Jul 05, 2017 09:45 AM EDT
Christians Arab title : Christians in Muslim Countries Fear 'Alienation,' Retaliations Due To Trump Ban
summary : No one is more afraid of the consequences of President Donald Trump's executive order banning travelers from seven Muslim-majority states than Christians within those designated countries, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
date : Feb 06, 2017 04:38 PM EST
Syrian Refugees UNHCR title : 'Refugees Are Already Vigorously Vetted' Says Former Homeland Security Immigration Officer
summary : "The only explanation for this [immigration/travel ban] order is that refugees are being used by the president to appeal to his base at the expense of U.S. security," stated Natasha Hall, a former immigration officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in an opinion piece published Tuesday in The Washington Post. "Such a move is not only despicable and devastating to the people who desperately crave the safety of our country -- it erodes the American legal system by turning it into a political tool."
date : Feb 02, 2017 08:04 PM EST
China Spying, Hacking title : U.S. Issues Stern Warning to China before President Xi Jinping's Visit: Cyber Espionage Must Stop
summary : U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice issued a stern warning to China on Monday ahead of President Xi Jinping's visit that state-sponsored cyber espionage must stop, calling it more than an irritant and a critical factor in the future of U.S.-China relations.
date : Sep 21, 2015 02:24 PM EDT
Rand Paul title : Rand Paul Blames Rise of ISIS on GOP Foreign Policy Hawks; Bobby Jindal Slams Him as ‘Unsuited’ For Presidency
summary : Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul made a bold allegation against Republican foreign policy hawks, accusing them of being responsible for the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal slammed Paul’s views, calling him “unsuitable” for president.
date : May 28, 2015 12:07 PM EDT
Obama Cybersecurity title : Russian Government Denies Claims of Hacking into the White House’s Network
summary : An American media report claimed on Wednesday that hackers tied to Russia’s government successfully hacked into the computer network used by the White House. The Russians have denied the accusations.
date : Apr 08, 2015 08:12 PM EDT
Aircraft title : Russia Proposes to Send Long-Range Bombers to the Gulf of Mexico
summary : Russian officials say they plan to send long-range bombers to the Gulf of Mexico in a military maneuver that has many Americans feeling a bit uneasy.
date : Nov 13, 2014 05:18 PM EST