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Preacher Cookies title : Preacher Cookies: No-Bake Recipe Makes Quick Fans, Last-Minute Super Bowl Sweet To Make
summary : A sweet concoction called "preacher cookies" used to be a cornerstone of American snack foods because they were fast, low mess and didn't require a heated oven -- which mattered to many people during summers who lived in apartments or homes that were not air-conditioned. But legend has it this chocolate-based cookie got its name because it could be prepared quickly when people looked out their windows and saw the preacher, often unexpectedly, riding up the mountain on his horse. "By the time the preacher arrived, the cookies were cooling," states Hillbilly Housewife. On a day such as Super Bowl, preacher cookies are still something possible to whip up in a jiffy!
date : Feb 07, 2016 12:53 PM EST