Tag : Terry Bridgewater
Teddy Bridgewater title : NFL Rumors: Vikings Looking to Get Mark Sanchez Following Terry Bridgewater’s Injury
summary : Earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings announced that Teddy Bridgewater has suffered a torn ACL and will sit out the entire 2016 NFL season. Without a starting quarterback, the Vikings could look to getting Mark Sanchez from the Denver Broncos.
date : Sep 01, 2016 11:34 AM EDT
Adrian Peterson title : NFL News and Rumors: Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater Keys to Super Bowl Win; NFL Team Release Joe Banyard, Brandon Bostick
summary : The Minnesota Vikings are facing difficult times ahead as the NFL team determine which among the stars in its roster would have to be let go and who to retain for the 53-man roster. At the moment, the Minnesota Vikings have 78 NFL stars in their roster following the release of 11 players over the weekend. The number of teammates of Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson are expected to dwindle once the regular NFL season begins.
date : Sep 01, 2015 08:09 AM EDT