Reporter : By Billy Graham
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    God Knows Your Heartaches

    In a few days I’ll be 92. I would have never dreamed I would live this long. My wife, Ruth, passed away a little over three years ago, and a little bit of me died with her. I miss her more with each passing day. This was Ruth’s favorite time of year. She enjoyed watching the leaves turn and couldn’t wait to build a fire at the first hint of autumn. Always joyful, Ruth brightened up the darkest of days.
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    Did Jesus Say Anything About Voting?

    Q: People keep urging me to vote but I think it's just a waste of time. I care what happens to our country and all that, but I don't think one vote makes any difference. And anyway, Jesus never said anything about voting, did He? - S.F.
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    My Answer: Spiritual Revival

    I'm convinced that the single greatest need in most churches today is spiritual revival - for a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ and a greater desire to do His will, regardless of the cost.